The Regulatory Council

Who are we?

At the beginning of 2019 the IGP (PGI) Consejo Regulador was build and the name is IGP Manzanilla and Gordal of Sevilla.

Its function is to work to achieve greater added value and greater recognition of the agricultural production of the olive grove of Seville including the efforts of the table olive sector.

The CR continues the work of Association for the Promotion of the Seville Olive (APAS) since the decisión of the Ministry of Agriculture (Consejería de Agricultura), Fisheries and Rural Development (Pesca y Desarrollo) was published in BOE through the National Transitional Protection for olives (Nacional Transitoria a las IGP Aceituna) of the IGP Aceituna Manzanilla y Gordal de Sevilla.

From no won, the Sevillian olive grove, producers, industry and the rest of the sector, count on more options for the future.

Consumers also have the gurantee that all olives that are marked have been produced in Sevilla and esepcially under certain quality coniditons, especially hand-picked and prepared in the Seville-style.

For a better future for the olive grove of Seville


In the Regulatory Council of the PGI Manzanilla and Gordal of Seville we are convinced that the rural environment is a prosperous and sustainable place for people and companies. We believe that the Sevillian olive grove has a central role for its ability to generate employment and wealth and, above all, for being part of our history and being our hallmark.


The mission of the Regulatory Council is to contribute to generating greater added value to the agricultural production of the Sevillian olive grove through a double strategy: the differentiation of our olives, the Manzanilla and Gordal olives of Seville, and to favor their better connection with the markets and consumers. To do this, we manage the certification of PGI Aceituna Manzanilla and Gordal de Sevilla in a way that brings value to society in three areas: social, economic and environmental. We work so that the value of the rural environment is recognized, we favor the capture of greater added value for producers and industries, and we promote the conservation of biodiversity and the environment.


  1. The social and environmental sustainability of our project. The IGP Aceitung Manzanilla y Gordal de Sevilla are commited to be responsible for the current resources without prejudicing the future generations.
  2. The persons. Behind our project: farmers (male/female) who, individually or together, work every day. They make a decent living by growing the traditional varieties of Aceituna Manzanilla y Gordal de Sevilla. We believe in incorporating the knowledge, ideas and experiences of women and young people into our strategy of differentation. These are groups that have traditionally not been considered and we see how important their contribution is in responding to the rest of the CR and the Sevillian rural environment.
  3. Cooperative work to tackle new challenges of the rural environment thorugh an integral and multidisciplinary vision.
  4. The tradition of the processes that are connected with the varieties of the Manzanilla y Gordal de Sevilla. Hand-picked and Sevillian-style cooking are the result of a shared culture and some kind of way of understand our relationship with our surroundings.
  5. The quality of these two varieties, the gordal-and manzanilla aceituna de sevilla, for their status as a traditional agricultural biodiversity, for their organoleptic qualities and for contributing the food sovereignty of our system.
  6. We work with communication in a transversal and transparent way, making all our processes visible and creating a dialogue with our audiences, so that they are and feel being part of the IGP.

Who is part of the Regulatory Council?


Juan Luis Oropesa de Cáceres

1 Antonio Prieto Ruiz
2 Francisco J. Rodríguez Medina
3 Juan Luis Valle Castro
4 Alberto Donaire Ibáñez
5 José Julio Ramos Mellado
6 Francisco Bernabé Debe
7 José Pedro Guzmán Díaz
8 Pedro J. González Lahera
9 Ramón Salada Lahera
10 Gracia María Fernández Pérez
11 Manuel Felix Moreno
12 Juan Rivas Arcos
13 Francisco Manuel Fernández Pérez
14 José De Segura Moreno
2 – Holder Fernando Ruiz Torres ALJAOLIVA S.L.
3 – Holder José Antonio Cruz Mejías MANZANILLA OLIVE SCA
4 – Holder Antonio Villalba Prior UTREACE, SCA
5 – Holder Francisco Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez OLIVAIDA DEL ALJARAFE S.L
6 – Holder Francisco Javier Domínguez Bonet JOLCA S. A
7 – Holder Juan Luis Oropesa de Cáceres VIRGEN DE LORETO SCA
9 – Alternate Francisco Javier Rubio Marín ACEITUNAS RUMARIN S.L.
10 – Alternate Luis Losada Lahera LOSADA, S.L.
11 – Alternate Carlos Arcos Escamilla SAT 2080 ACEITUNAS ESCAMILLA
1 Alfredo Luzardo Santana OCA BAJO GUADALQUIVIR
2 Francisco Jose Gonzalez Muñiz OCA BAJO GUADALQUIVIR
1 Rosario Acosta Mateos
  • Verdeo u ordeño

How to be part of the PGI?

Steps to follow

The CR, together with its associates and stakeholders, continues to take steps forward on its path towards a more sustainable future of the olive table olive of the Manzanilla and Gordal varieties of Seville.

1.Who can register?

You can register if you are a farmer or farmer, responsible for the processing industry, responsible for the purchasing center, or responsible for the packaging and / or marketing plant.

2.What can I register?

You can register your olive grove (individually, or cooperatively), your industry, your shopping center or your packaging and / or marketing plant.

3.How can I register?

Filling in one of the following forms:

To register olive groves:

To register industry, purchasing center or packaging machine / marketer:

4.Where to send the form?

Once completed, your registration must arrive at the official CR registry. You can do it following three paths:

  • In the electronic record of the CR to the email
  • In the post offices, by registered mail. Post office 000051.
  • In the CR units, provisionally located in Ctra. A- 362 Utrera los Palacios, km 3,5, Utrera. 41710. Seville. Hours from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

5.When can I register my registration?

You can register your olive grove, your industry or purchasing center, every year from January 1 to July 31, to enter the certification of the current campaign. Packers / marketers may do so at any time of the year.

6.How will I know that everything went well?

Once your documentation has been received, and possible remedies have been made if necessary, if everything is correct, you will be assigned a file number.

Then, you will receive instructions to take the following steps, such as: make technical reports, visits by technicians, confirmation of the viability of the application, or payment of the fee.
When these steps have been completed, the CR can give a positive resolution to your request and will be notified.

If you share the pride of working the field and want to defend your future, do not hesitate, join our project. Differentiate your production as Protected Geographical Indication Manzanilla and Gordal Olives from Seville and bring more value to society. Consumers will thank you, and your territory too.


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Chamomile production in Spain for the 2014/2015 campaign
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Production of APAS members for the 2014/2015 campaign
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