Seville Gordal Olive

Know its characteristics:

The Olea europaea regalis, or what is the same, the Gordal olive from Seville or Sevillana, is a very restricted variety to Seville, being difficult to grow in other areas to produce quality fatlands. It is the largest olive variety, and by far. Your bite is easily differentiated by the large amount of meat that can be obtained with a single fruit.

The Gorilla Sevillana, once cooked and fermented, acquires a straw yellow color, just like the Sevillana Manzanilla, with white pints or lenticels that stand out from other olives. Its shape is not as symmetrical as chamomile, but armored.

Its flavor is peculiar: as many say, fat people taste like gordal. They are unique in this. Large, with a bite of a fruit one is satiated. Its bone is also proportionally larger than that of other olives and more difficult to detach than that of chamomile. Its texture is also more fibrous. Its soft meat makes the master cooks have to pay close attention to the cooking of this olive. Its oil content is very low, they are olives with mild flavors.

Agronomic data

Size Very big 9
Form Elongada 2
Color Light green
Notoriety of the lenticels Medio 5
Symmetry in position A A bit asymmetric 2
Symmetry in position B A bit asymmetric 2
Position of the máximum diameter Beside the base 1
Shape of the apex in position A Dotted 1
Shape of the apex position B Round 2
Mucrón Present 9
Position of the pistil scar Central 1
Shape of the base in position A Round 1
Shape of the base in position B Deprimida 3
Penducular cavitiy B Medio 5
Penducular Cavity shape Elliptical 2
Penducular Cavitiy depth Deep 7
Section shape Elliptical 2
Weight 16,5 gr/unit. aprox.